Financial planning is the process of developing strategies to assist clients in managing their financial affairs to meet life goals through the proper management of their finances. Life goals can include buying a home, saving for their child’s education or planning for retirement. The process of financial planning involves reviewing all relevant aspects of a client’s situation across a large breadth of financial planning activities, including inter-relationships among often conflicting objectives. This enables the professional financial planner to deliver integrated financial solutions that allow clients to take control of their finances and create secure lifelong wealth and financial security for themselves in a holistic way.

Financial planning is a profession, just like medicine, law, accounting or engineering, and continues to be one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. As a career, it enables those people with entrepreneurial skills to use these skills to become successful.

We owe our success to the high calibre of people who have joined – and continue to join – the Upstream Financial Services team. Our ethos is one of integrity, honesty, and passion for what we do, and we look for the same qualities in the people we recruit.

We take pride in coaching, guiding and developing self-motivated individuals, providing them with an environment and support system that allows them to pursue their career goals.

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