Upstream Financial Services is a Liberty Life associated company. Our association guarantees the advice given by the consultancy when recommending any of the products and services provided by Liberty Life, Stanlib and associated companies.

We offer a broad range of high quality financial services that make your goals achievable.

Wealth Management

Our Liberty Life associated consultants provide advice on many aspects of wealth management, helping individuals of differing financial resources and life stages.

Corporate Financial Planning

Consultants assist businesses in the increasingly complex area of corporate financial planning, from pensions to insuring against the loss of key people.

Long-term Financial Security

Whatever your situation, your Liberty Life associated consultant works closely with you to plan for your long-term security.

If your circumstances require a higher level of attention, your consultant will push the boundaries, and if necessary, introduce a colleague who can provide the assistance you require. Consultants often work alongside their clients’ other professional advisers, including attorneys and accountants, providing a complementary service and a fresh perspective.

Medical Aid and Gap Cover

At Liberty Health we know about healthcare. Our knowledge and expertise comes from working with an extensive network of healthcare professionals and service providers. Together we create world-class solutions for corporate clients, medical schemes, and individuals throughout Africa.

Estate Planning and Trusts

Every person’s estate should be structured as efficiently as possible from a legal protection and tax perspective, as well as longevity. At Upstream we have estate planning experts who can help advise on structures most appropriate to your personal and business circumstances.


Every person should have a will. Death is certain and not having your affairs in order can lead to financial suffering, arguments amongst loved ones about distribution of assets and the unintended sale of assets to pay duties and taxes.

Get your will in order today, contact